Building Financial Resilience

Building Financial Resilience

Has COVID-19 made you feel more anxious about getting a job and managing your money? Building financial resilience now is important to cope with the uncertainty of life. You can now be in control, take action to feel confident!

Supported by the City of Canning through the Community Grants Program, EMPOWER2FREE brings you a 1 hr webinar focusing on how to build financial resilience as a youth.

The session will include:

  • A Financial Personality Quiz to discover your habits and behavioural tendencies
  • A Financial Framework to give an overview of the areas of finance you need to consider when transitioning into adulthood

After the webinar, you will also get access to our online platform. There, you can get access to further learning resources. There will also be an interactive forum for youths to interact and engage in peer-learning. This training is proudly brought to you under our Fundamental Cents’ program.

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